Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Studio News #2

In Studio News #1 it was mentioned that I'm focusing on things other than capturing the image. This includes product line, work flow, and refining my unique style.

Well, this week me and my wife's family are on va
cation in Virginia. Hmmm...I've got two very successful mentors, Jamie Hayes and Mary Taylor, nearby in Richmond. What a great opportunity to go visit their studio, ask questions, and take notes.


I've taken a few classes or workshops under Hayes and Taylor, but I've yet to have them to myself. This is the time to iron out a few nagging issues in my photography business.

~ In other studio news ~

Here's my first web ad. As you may already know, Facebook and Myspace are great social networking vehicles. And because of the info
rmation and technology times we are in, these types of sites are a really good way to get exposure for your studio. Now remember this is my first ad:) so bear with me as I'm sure they'll improve.

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