Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In last week's post I mentioned the studio in downtown Knoxville that I'm leasing with a few other photographers. Here are a few images from my studio shoots over the past couple of months. We've got several backdrops to choose from but I like the wall the best. If you put a small light on it from the side it adds detail and separation. However, where the brick wall may be right for some shots the white paper is new to me and fun also. These are called highkey shots. Then you have the black paper. This is perfect for moody/intense images. And moody/intense is for sure part of our style. Please share your thoughts.....That's the brick.
These are the black paper and the white paper:

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Andrea Hinton said...

I love these photos. Black and white and the shades in between. Accent colors to embelish are great too. Good work. Can't wait for you to take some photos for me!