Thursday, February 4, 2010

Studio News #1

It's time to cool the jets and shift gears. For the past three years I've traveled and photographed wildly in an effort to learn and hone my new craft. Just a few days ago I backed up all my files for the past three years, and I've pulled the trigger on my shutter approx 72,000 times. We've taken countless workshops, attended numerous seminars, and collaborated with other professionals on shoots. So, my goal now is to slow down and focus on everything other than capturing the image. i.e. new products, workflow, customer relations, marketing, etc....

Products & Services

Two things are happening right now:
A) laying out a product line for our customers.
B) identifying and isolating our unique style.

The Studio
I'm leasing out a studio in downtown Knoxville with a few other photographers. You can check it out at

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