Sunday, April 18, 2010


Below are a few of the products we offer. We are currently working with our web designer on adding a product page to our website

Tri-Fold Panel:
This is a metallic paper reinforced with a foam backing. They are approx 4 inches tall and are great for any display. They are ideal for seniors and children.

Beveled Edge Prints:
This product is a matboard finished with a beveled edge. The beveled finished edge can come in either Gold or Silver. This product is for table top or standalone presentation, such as on a picture stand or an end table, and not for framing.

Float Wraps:
By far my favorite!! These are very nice pieces of wall art!!

Wraps offer a unique and modern way to display either a traditional photograph or a fine art portrait. It's E-Surface paper wrapped around foam with a mounting block fixed to the back of the print for easy mounting.

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