Saturday, August 8, 2009

East Coast School of Photography

August 2-6 in Raleigh, NC was the location for this year's workshops with the East Coast School of Photography. My instructors were Jamie Hayes and Mary Fisk. check'em out at

There were eight classes offered this year. i.e. PhotoShop, Children, Lighting, the Business of the Art, etc.... Jamie and Mary's class covered the business of the studio, lighting, equipment uses, and a pretty in-depth look at the full operations of a successful photography business. i.e. Branding, Products, Marketing, Finances, Growth, and Creditability

I really needed this and will work hard to apply some of the tools given to us.

We went out on a few instructional shoots. One of my highlights of the week is the amount of lighting I learned. I can't wait to apply it to our own style.

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